Hello this post is about soccer and about the 2 best players of the moment Messi and Ronaldo  what is the difference between messi and ronaldo.

Messi is a good player he can control the ball,he has skills and is he known when he lost, in one game he can score the 50 goal to be the first one in the table bout in the game it was  a penalty and he give the ball to Neymar and neymar score he don’t care about it he just care about the team and his teammates .

Lionel, Messi, Barcelona, 2017



Ronaldo is a good player too he has skills he is fast but he want to be the best in the team and when he don’t score he get’s mad and when one of the teammate score he get more angry he don’t like loss.                                      Ronaldo, Cristiano, Real Madrid, M, Man

so those are the difference between Messi and Ronaldo 🙂